The Rev. Suzanne Redfern-Campbell, D.Min.

(formerly Suzanne Spencer)

Intentional Interim Minister

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First Interim: Danbury CT

Second Interim: Columbia MO

Current Developmental: Las Cruces NM

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A Vision Of Ministry

If ever the world needed vibrant liberal congregations, it is now!

In our fragmented, post-modern age, people long for a spiritual home where they can know themselves and others as whole persons. In a world where war, violence and bigotry are rampant, people seek models of reconciliation, communities that respect and welcome difference. In a world where human beings are crushed by poverty, oppression, and abuse, people cry out for congregations to bear prophetic witness to human dignity.

Finally, in an age where our planet's very survival is at stake, Earth cries out for a human spiritual awakening. By this I don't mean a return to some rigid orthodoxy, but rather a return to the center and to our true selves, rooted as we are in the interdependent web of life. Such a turning must be informed by reason - by intellectual rigor and careful analysis - but these in themselves are not enough. We already have a great deal of information about our plight; what we need now are the inner resources to act on that knowledge.

In our beloved, broken world, the whole church - laity and clergy - is called to minister. The work of the ordained person is to help people, both as individuals and as a community, realize their own ministries.

Once I watched the leader of a jazz ensemble, noting how he empowered each member of the group to shine. That's what ministry's about!, I thought to myself. The clergy's role is to help people awaken to their own vocations, challenge them toward spiritual growth, encourage them to care for one another, and help them realize their power to work for justice.

In 2008, I returned to the UU ministry after 20 months in an ecologically conscious women's religious community, and decided to pursue a specialty in intentional interim ministry. I believe that I have skills and experience to help a congregation do some of the following: clarify purpose and mission, deepen spiritual life, explore the implications of congregational size, develop shared ministry between clergy and laity, welcome newcomers, examine approaches to religious education and social justice, explore the possibilities of a second minister, grieve the departure of a beloved minister, and come to terms with congregational conflict.

I look forward to working with a congregation in transition - perhaps yours!

-- Sue Redfern-Campbell

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