The Rev. Suzanne Redfern-Campbell, D.Min.

(formerly Suzanne Spencer)

Intentional Interim Minister

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Vision of Ministry

Summary of Experience

My Journey in Ministry

First Interim: Danbury CT

Second Interim: Columbia MO

Current Developmental: Las Cruces NM

Selected Sermons

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Selected Sermons

The sermons listed here are saved as PDFs. You will need Adobe Reader for access to them. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you may download it here.

Sermons related to Interim Ministry

For the Time Being: Notes on the Interim Journey (Columbia, Mo, 9-26-2010)

A Sense of Mission (Danbury, CT, 2-1-2009)

Great Congregations Make Great Ministers (Columbia, MO, 2-26-2012)

"State of the Congregation" Sermons

State of the Congregation (Danbury, CT, 5-03-09)

State of the Congretation (Columbia, MO, 5-06-12)

Sermons on Other Topics

A Faith Perspective on Reproductive Health

Christ and the Buddha

Evicting the Money Changers

In Defense of Dawdling

It's All About Food

Video Sermon: The Demons of Advent

Sermon Series: Theological Options for Unitarian-Universalists

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