The Rev. Suzanne Redfern-Campbell, D.Min.

(formerly Suzanne Spencer)

Intentional Interim Minister

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Vision of Ministry

Summary of Experience

My Journey in Ministry

First Interim: Danbury CT

Second Interim: Columbia MO

Current Developmental: Las Cruces NM

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In the words of others…

From the Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of Danbury

"I have had the opportunity to work with Sue Spencer as chair of our search committee and on a variety of committees and other groups. Sue is very bright with a realistic and pragmatic approach to issues and people. She has good insight into organizational dynamics and has made numerous constructive observations and suggestions. She tells it like she sees it in a soft non-confrontational manner. Her guidance through the search process was very helpful, particularly with some personal issues.

"And lastly she has been a very effective minister to our congregation over the last two years with a significant increase in our membership. Her sermons have been spiritually and intellectually abundant. I certainly give her a strong recommendation as an interim minister."

Charlie Schott, Chair
Ministerial Search Committee

From First Parish Church in Weston's Memory Book

  • We will miss your fine sermons and warm smile, your much needed social witness.
  • Your quiet spiritual presence has made a big difference in my life and has always been a source of joy and calming for me.
  • Through [a time of transition] you appeared calm and serene, and that helped the rest of us remain calm and focused, if not serene!
  • Your sermons were always thoughtful, well researched, and insightful. I have always gone home with new ways of seeing.
  • When I heard that the sermon topic would be 'presidential authority,' I conjured up a minefield pitting red and blue voters, but instead heard an excellently balanced, politically neutral, religious perspective on the issues.
  • I am grateful for and will remember your knowing not only people's names, but also their individual needs for caring and compassion.
  • Your gift of listening to others and validating their voice is one of your most memorable qualities. In a church and town known for strong minds, talented people, and many opinions, a true listener is a rare bird indeed.
  • I will certainly remember the many services we did together, including the memorial services that you conducted with such grace and empathy even for people you barely knew.
  • Your singing is beautiful and your creativity in putting together skits and the children's stories were exceptional.
  • I will miss your thoughtful responses at meetings. You have a gift for looking beyond the obvious, and making us look at issues in different ways.
  • Working with you on the Church School Committee has been a joy. You have added that spiritual element which reminds us why we're together!
  • Your presence among us helped us to realize afresh that natural rhythm that has to exist between our devotional and worship life and the common work God calls us to do in the world.
  • Thanks for being an example of spiritual poise!
  • From South Valley UU Society's "Ritual of Exstallation":

  • Sue, your feet have carried the tidings of peace and good will. Your ministry has been one of justice, equity, compassion and healing in word and deed. When we have pulled you two ways, you have remained steadfastly neutral.
  • In your written and spoken words, with patience and forbearance, you have reminded us not to hide our differences but to bring them out of the shadows, so we may find in them the pathways of connection and community.
  • By constraining the use of your own power, you have empowered us. As you have listened to us and interpreted us to each other, you have helped us "peel away the layers of the onion down to the soft, sweet, inside," where healing begins.
  • You have conveyed respect and appreciation to our children, showing them by word and deed what ministry means. You have fed our hunger for knowledge of the Bible, of UU history, of the geography of our individual spiritual quests. And when words were not adequate or would be in excess, you have ministered with silence.
  • From South Valley's Religious Educator:

    The REGAL Council and I would like to thank you for sharing your ministry with us and with the children and youth of South Valley. This past year, you have brought us a wonderful Easter/Spring service that encouraged full participation of many children. You have "mixed it up" with the youth at a pizza party. You have shared your dreams with the children and shown them ways to share their dreams with you and with each other. You have told engaging stories and have been a resource to me and to others who have been storytellers. You have been open to new ideas and ways of involving children and youth. You have been playful and joyful and deeply caring about children's issues.

    We will miss your beautiful singing voice, your hearty laughter, and your sense of humor. We will miss your presence, your deep sense of spirituality and the warmth of your voice inviting us to worship. We will miss knowing that you are there to listen intently and help us through the rough spots. But we will remember…and we will keep a part of you with us.

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