The Rev. Suzanne Redfern-Campbell, D.Min.

(formerly Suzanne Spencer)

Intentional Interim Minister

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Vision of Ministry

Summary of Experience

My Journey in Ministry

First Interim: Danbury CT

Second Interim: Columbia MO

Current Developmental: Las Cruces NM

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About Sue

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Personal Information

  • Married, on January 1, 2012, to my long-time friend Chuck Campbell.
  • Based in Albuquerque, NM.
  • In good health.


I've always loved music, especially world, folk and classical. I have sung in church choirs, community choruses, small groups, and Gilbert and Sullivan productions. I relax by walking, reading, going to plays and movies, birding, and doing whatever else feeds my soul. I'm a good cook who enjoys entertaining. I love to travel and have spent time in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, England, and South Africa, as well as 49 of 50 states and all 10 Canadian provinces. Iíve always loved music, especially classical, folk, world music, and jazz. Before entering the ministry, and to a lesser extent afterward, I sang in church choirs, small choral groups, and Gilbert and Sullivan productions. My most recent choral experience was with the Danbury Concert Chorus.

With my marriage to Chuck, who plays tuba and trombone with the Albuquerque-based Route 66 Revelers, I'm learning to appreciate traditional New Orleans jazz (sometimes called Dixieland outside the South). In fact, this June Chuck and I are planning to go together to a weeklong Jazz Camp in New Orleans. Last year, Chuck was a camper while I went along as the spouse, but this year I've signed up for the vocals workshop - something new for me.

Travel is another passion of mine. A while back, I learned that I've been a "flaneur" all my life without knowing it. This is a word used by the poet Baudelaire to describe someone who likes to stroll on city streets with no purpose in mind other than to take in the surroundings. Over the past twenty-five years, I've had opportunities to do this in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, the Caribbean, and the UK, as well as in many US and Canadian cities. During this time I've also taken more explicitly educational trips, most notably to Nicaragua, Israel/Palestine, and South Africa. I speak enough Spanish to travel confidently in Latin America, and always welcome opportunities to develop this further.

Chuck shares my love of travel. Last year we purchased a great road car, the Ford Flex, along with a small teardrop camper. We christened them Abe and Gabe, and in the past year have taken them on two long road trips, mostly around the eastern half of the US. We look forward to doing more.

Other activities that feed my spirit are walking, birding, reading (especially religion, history, and novels based on current events or recent history), and going to concerts, plays, and movies. I love to cook when I have time to do it well, and enjoy fooling around with a small digital camera. I try to take at least one quiet retreat each year.

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